Supporting Children...

Helping children is one of our primary passions. We help wherever help is needed whenever we can. Over the past 15 years we have sent thousands of pounds of new and lightly used clothing to children in need. Every year we sponsor a drive to send school supplies at the beginning of each school year. Holiday time brings another round of shipping holiday gifts and goodies. We collect these items all year long, seperate them and ship them out in the summer, winter and holiday months accordingly. You can send items either to our office in Bandon, Oregon or directly to The Lakota Project in South Dakota. Please contact us to coordinate your donations.

Respecting our Elders...

Assisting Elders with daily living necessities is among our many efforts. When funds and materials are available, we help with heating or fire wood in the cold winter months in South Dakota, clothing, medical needs, and even housing when we can. The needs always far outweigh our resources, so if helping Elders is near and dear to your heart - we can always use your help! Donate today!

How you can help?

Visit our Get Involved page for more information on how you can help or contact us with your suggestions or to volunteer in a fundraising project to help support the Children and Elders.

Join the Fun!

Together we can make all the difference!

Support our annual Back to School Drive

Help Elders with Winter Heating

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, a Lakota Inspiration!

Helping Hands

Providing aid to children and elders. From coat and clothing drives to food and basic housing needs, join us in lending a hand!

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Affordable, healthy housing for all! Through educating others in the art of natural building, we are helping make it a reality worldwide.

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Donate Now!

Cash, materials and time are needed today and everyday. YOU can make a difference in the life of another. Get involved! Give from your heart!

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