Helping Hands

Providing aid to children and elders. From coat and clothing drives to food and basic housing needs, join us in lending a hand!

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Natural Building

Affordable, healthy housing for all! Through educating others in the art of natural building, we are helping make it a reality worldwide.

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Donate Now!

Cash, materials and time are needed today and everyday. YOU can make a difference in the life of another. Get involved! Give from your heart!

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The Lakota Project

Dedicated to preserving the Lakota culture and language for their people. Works in and around the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Cob Cottage Company

Reviving the art of Cob and Natural Building throughout the world. Authors of The Hand Sculpted House by Ianto Evans, Linda Smiley and Michael Smith.

Coquille Valley Seed Community

The Coquille Valley Seed Community is an organization dedicated to collecting and distributing locally adapted heirloom quality seeds.

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Providing a venue to learn and share practical knowledge that helps us all become more sustainable in our own lives.

Sun Dog Builders

Dedicated to teaching Natural Building in Medicino County California and abroad.


Dedicated to teaching Natural Building in the Pacific Northwest, the USA and abroad. Specializing in masonry stoves, cob, earthen plasters, natural paints and pigments and more!

Soles de Piedra

People helping people. Building international community enhancement thru teaching natural building. There international teams truly make a difference by building much needed houses for one family at a time. Bridging across cultures and traditions, its amazing what they can accomplish with a little bit of mud and a lot of dedication and love!

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