Helping Hands

Providing aid to children and elders. From coat and clothing drives to food and basic housing needs, join us in lending a hand!

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Natural Building

Affordable, healthy housing for all! Through educating others in the art of natural building, we are helping make it a reality worldwide.

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Cash, materials and time are needed today and everyday. YOU can make a difference in the life of another. Get involved! Give from your heart!

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Since our inception in 2003, Seven Fires Foundation has been dedicated to helping the Lakota nation on and near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

We continue to send clothing and school supplies all year long. We also help wherever help is needed and are continually raising funds for various endless needs. Over the years we have sent thousands of pounds of much needed items through the mail. We have brought a house for a homeless family, supported in the operations of ceremonial grounds, have helped with utilities, trucks, chainsaws to cut wood for elders, even helped one elder get some teeth! There is always an endless supply of needs and limited resources to fill them. Email us at for more information, or donate to the general fund through our donate now button.
Thank you for your ongoing support.


Recently partnered with Cob Cottage Company and their instructors and alumni to support teaching others the art of Natural Building.

Visit the Cob Cottage Company website for more information about this incredible world of natural building.


(Spotlight Project ~ January 2015)

Building a cob and adobe house in Mexico for and indigenous Mixtecan family!

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(Spotlight Project ~ December 2013)

Built a cob and adobe house in Guatemala for Geronimo and his family!

For more information about the success of this project click Geronimo!


A 1700 mile prayer journey on foot to raise awareness for the importance of the preservation of indigenous languages and culture!

We are happy to report since the occurance of Spirit Walk, the Senate Bill was passed to fund the Native American Language Act and countless Native American language immersion programs have evolved.